Director Executivo
Dr. Arzemiro dos Prazeres

 The Authority of Free Trade Zones of STP is organized in two levels.
One level is for coordination and the other is for the execution.

  • The coordination body is based on an Administrative Council of seven members (three come from private sector, one representative of the Ministry of Finance, one representative of the Ministry of Economy, one representative of the Central Bank and one from the Principe Regional Government)

The executive structure is led by an Executive Director who oversights the functioning of the following divisions: The division of Administration, Marketing and Propaganda,

Customs Control, Investor Support (which contains an Administrative and Financial Department, and the Department of Studies, Planning and Research)

Yet, in each Free Trade Zone there is also a Delegation of Authority and a Special Customs Unit.

Chefe de Divisão
Dr. Ilidio Fernandes Menezes